Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Here & There

 Last week, my groupmates and I scoured Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt on a mission; trend watch. Searching for trendsetters-at-large on a random Wednesday afternoon was not easy. Most of them would have likely been at work, at school, or still in bed recovering from the previous night's party. Even places normally overflowing with Manila's most stylish felt like ghost towns in the time between the lunch-hour rush and the evening cocktail hour. Eventually, however, we managed to find a few stylish souls and convince them to strike a pose for us. Here are some of our interesting finds that either reflects our local zeitgeist or its just something new.




  Along the ocean of loneliness at a very dead hour of the day at Bonifacio High Street, waiting for her ride, we spotted Debbie V.  With a laid back look, a bag sling-ed on her back, a really loose shirt  with grungy print, plus a simple boyfriend trousers, the whole look caught our eyes. Her garments including her shoes are made from mostly cotton except for her bag. But the eco movement does not stop there, she is holding a Freitag bag. And how did Freitag bags become so eco friendly whilst their of synthetic material?

Brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag were in search of a bag that was both heavy-duty and functional. They later on decided to create what they are looking for on their own.  Crafting  bags from purely of recycled materials, such as old tarpaulin, seat belt webbing and bicycle inner-tubes, this gave birth to the brand Freitag. Since its founding in 1993, Freitag has invaded the globe with an online shop and 300 stores worldwide. Its being cool and earthfriendly at the same time.

In the fashion leadership cycle, Freitag bags are following the trickle-down theory. The bags were popular amongst the designers (mostly industrial and graphic designers) and students. The bags are ironically expensive for something that up-cycled a.k.a. came from trash. Oh well, as they say, someone else's trash is another person's treasure; with Freitags, it was a matter of re-imaging, up-cycling and putting some design magic to a forlorn tarp and seatbelt and now we have a cool bag.

Even though Freitag bags were introduced for such a long time, being a bit of a niche brand, makes its popularity on mainstreams and movement in the trend cycle, go slower. Even if there are recycled  tarp bags locally, or in other part of the world that is not part of Freitag, they don't get imitated as much as Louis Vuitons are. So, i consider them still increasing in popularity.

Here is our take on the eco grunge look. A mixture if textures that rough rugged unfinished look is their but inspired with Debbie's look with a minimal silhouette.



Chen, on her way to work coincidentally passing by High Street, we were caught in awe by her power dressing. Whilst channeling the 2010 spring look of the dandy oh so lovely lace into a bit of a rock chick style with her black body fitting skirt. We loved her lace top and her feminine but professional look. 

Speaking of lace tops...
Originally, Lace tops were said to have evolved from the lingerie or undergarments.
Thus, see-through clothing, such as lace tops, were taboo for it reminds people of the intimate, sensual, and some seduction. It was not until the soap operas of the 80s, namely Dynasty and Dallas, gave light to the trend. Major trendsetters of this 'era' were Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, and Brooke Shields. By 2006, see-through clothing took center stage in the fashion runways and later on transitioned to a noir lace trend in a/w 2008 and a happy puffy dandy comeback on the s/s 2010 runways.

 We'd consider lace part of the trickle down for the 06, 08, and 2010 seasons, since it was all designers idea to hype up or use sheers and laces massively in their collections.Now shops that cater from contemporary to junior has it. Which also implies that this trend is at its peak of the trend cycle.  

Here is our take on Chen's look. Biker leggings and some daintily detailed killer heels.

The Watch, The Chef and The CROC


  Carl was waiting outside a restaurant on Bonifacio High Street when we spotted him. At first glance he looked like he's wearing a tailored polo or something...(Or maybe its was just our eyes. 20/20 has already came with deductions for our eyes)... going towards him, we realized that he was wearing the generic chef uniform. However, we still continued asking him to be our subject since he have this kind of "SWAG"  since he made the typical chef outfit  so  ...hm... full of Swag? After the interrogation, we realized that his nice rectangular wristwatch gave him that sartorial vibe and  added to that is his  pair of crocs. It was not just an ordinary pair of crocs, it was more flat than bloated , which made him look like he was just wearing sneakers. 

Carl would have not have a cool utility/accessory  if  wristwatches  were'nt  created. Lucky for Him and other wristwatch lovers, Patek Phillippe created them in 1868. First mass production by 1880 when Girard-Perregaux developed the concept for two thousand German Naval officers, as ordered by Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany. It  was mass produced mainly for utilitarian purpose.An aviator watch was developed in 1904. John Harwood invented the first successful self-winding watches in 1923. 1950-1969 became a period of electric watches and by 1969, the quartz watch was introduced.
 Nowadays, brands like Kenneth Cole which started out during 1982 as Kenneth Cole Productions with women’s footwear and  today, sells fashion items from Menswear and Womenswear, to footwear, to bags and accessories: They market watches not as utilitarian but as a fashion accessory with a range of designs, shapes and colors.

Watches leads a trickle down movement, if you view military officers and aviators as elite. It was used as a timepiece and not as an accessory at first. Nowadays, its popular on mainstream and even the 'poor' can have one. technology and mass production is sweet!

All these mas production has also put wrist watches in all parts of the fashion cycle. But if we look at it as utilitarian, a classic, then it is always at the peak of the trend cycle.

we can't defy this uniform kinda look, so we thought of sailor palletes if we were to put this look on magazine. brown-ish and navy blue... and if a girl wears it, add floral on the side. a pair of nice tan bermuda shorts  with a white polo would complete the look.

Nerdy and Cool


We spotted Nixon at Greenbelt, with his friend RCXY (also featured below by 3 of our classmates). They were all well style. Quite a looker I must say! Nixon got the essence of Singaporean street dressing  with his top and the nerdy feel and that Japanese street Shorts over man leggings. It was quite clever and he can pull it off.
 In women's wardrobes, leggings came from leotards and or stockings. Men Leggings or Meggings, evolved from the designer's addiction to skinny jeans. as if the ultra skinny jean from Dior Spring Menswear 09 that in Lanvin, those skinny jeans turned into leggings. IT came back on the runways 2010 for Comme De Garcons and Y-3. It came back with amore modest and stylish arrangement, similar to Nixon's look. 

The trend came from the streets of Japan and after the runway, back to Japan.  Its kind of trickle up since it came from the streets and went into the runways and back.

Inspired by Nixon's ensemble, we'd go for something wildly printed, androgynous with atint of gender bender and interpretations of geekery,  Argyle and stained glass hybrid. (reminds me of fangires in Masked Rider Kiva 08), of course some band memorabilia, chuck taylor looking shoes and a small hint of quirky fabrics.

by: Marielle Baysa, Irene Subang, Rakiel Talan



http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=772864 (rakiel's polyvore)
photos courtesy of marielle

TOMS: Shoes for tomorrow

Nowadays, we come across different ways of fashion reaching out to those in need and it has been a trend to do something for a cause. TOMS shoes has its own way of making a difference.

The brand was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006. He based his designs on the Argentinian Alpargata shoes or the typical espadrilles. Toms shoes come in different colors and prints. However, they are not your ordinary pair of shoes. With every pair sold, another pair is given to a child in need through the Friends of TOMS. So when you do get your own pair, you not only look cool and casual, but you also get the chance to help others.

The TOMS shoes can be worn in many ways, one would be like the one on the photo, very relaxed.
TOMS are currently in the early majority stage. Since it has been around for a long time, it's designs always change through the years and still remains as the go-to shoe to get that comfortable and casual cool look. Here are the other ways to wear your TOMS...

The Longchamp Craze

If you haven't noticed, there has been quite a craze with the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag. Currently, you are bound to see a flock of people (in and out of the Philippines) carrying their own versions of the infamous tote. Right now, it seems like it's still in the Rise stage of the fashion cycle, and it seems like it's gonna stay there for quite a while. It maybe in its classic new navy,  deep red, bilberry, or in its more modern renditions. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, monograms, and embellishments. All carrying it's casual and classic vibe. From teens to adults, the Longchamp Le Pliage is definitely a fashion staple that will take quite some time to go out of style. And if it does, it is sure to bounce back just like how it resurrected in 2008.  

The bag has quite a history, dating back to 1948. To learn about how it started and how it became the brand that we know today, click here. For those who don't know, the Le Pliage bag has a canvas surface with a leather flap and handle. It can be folded and snapped closed too, which makes it very ideal for traveling. It may seem pricey, but the bag is indeed good quality and practicality.

Speaking of practicality, the Longchamp Le Pliage can go with almost anything and everything. It can be worn during those days when you wear your hair up or those nights where you are out with the girls. Here are other ways to wear your Longchamps:  

-Ingrid & Nicky

On Leggings and Backpacks

          Spotting two well-dressed sisters on an extremely lazy afternoon at Greenbelt 5 tells you there is hope for fashion to exist in Manila apart from the city’s typical Friday night-Saturday night party scene.
          Here, we see Steph wearing a black boyfriend blazer paired with a printed white shirt and beige and black ribbed leggings. She wears peep-toe lace-up ankle boots and a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM bag. To complete her look, she chooses a silver elephant pendant necklace.
          Leggings are still very much at their peak. This fashion item became popular in the 80s and made its fashion comeback in 2008. Since then, it’s popularity remains strong. From very basic colors to outrageous prints and styles, leggings continue to pop up in popular retail stores, as well as in small boutiques and online shops.
          Leggings have developed their own set of followers. There are those who believe that plain-colored leggings are “a must” in their wardrobes because of comfort and wearability. They usually pair them with a simple T-shirt, flats or heels and they’re good to go. However, the fashionista will opt to go for the trendier and crazier kind of leggings. From animal prints to liquid leggings and the new coined term ‘jeggings’ or jeans + leggings, this fashion piece will surely go a long way. Given this, price range for this item varies largely. It can go from thousands of pesos to a couple hundred bucks depending on style, quality, or sometimes, it just depends on the brand.
          The trickle up theory of fashion leadership applies to the leggings. During the 80s, it was said that the obsession with aerobics-themed wear became popular. Because of this, dance movies such as Flashdance and famous artists like Madonna influenced the rising popularity of the leggings.
          In addition to that, if we take a look at history, leggings have been used way before Madonna did. Before, they were more known as the hose and the tights and they usually cover even the feet. They were mostly worn by men during the early and late middle ages and were often worn as inner wear together with knee-breeches and even skirts! (They must be the original ancestors of the metro man!)
Anyway, we have here a little bit of extra for everyone! Here are a couple of tips on how else leggings can we worn:
--> For a more casual look, leggings can be paired with an oversized button down polo top with rolled-up sleeves. Wear them with a great pair of flats or wedges. Oh and don’t forget to accessorize with bangles and layers of necklaces with varying lengths!
--> For a night out, go for leggings with wild prints and styles. Wear them with a loose-fitting top that reveals a little bit of skin and a waist belt to accentuate the curves. To complete the look, go for high-heeled lace-up boots and a couple of bangles and rings!

 Go and bring out your favorite pair of leggings! :)

Survey of Historic Costume by Keith Eubank and Phyllis G. Tortora

          Meet mr. skaterboy, Joshua Bondoc, style-spotted at Greenbelt strutting across the walkway wearing his casual cool get-up. At first glance, you'll know that he's not all for following current trends. Clearly, his statement is his own style. Here we see Joshua wearing the classic white polo top and clean-cut pants look but spunked up with a chunky pair of Vans sneakers with bright red laces. And as if red wasn't enough of an accent, he adds up another attention-grabbing piece-- a vibrant green Volcom backpack.
          Backpacks as we know it, is a utilitarian piece. It is a cloth sack designed to carry heavy loads as its straps go over the shoulders. In earlier times, backpacks were used to carry the equipment of hunters (or used for other similar purpose). But, fashion has it's way of revamping things up, and come the late 90's, sporting and outdoor brand's such as Jansport and Volcom began to release fashionably hip versions of this used-to-be "hunter's bag" that increased it's popularity among the youth. It came in all sorts of tones and shades in neutrals and brights. In the year 2000, the trend trickled up further in the fashion industry ladder as it was adapted by even more signature brands. These were developed and enhanced which caused all the hype for backpacks (peak). Some were designed to be water-proof or extra-durable, but still, more were created just to be a "trendy cool" item until it saturated the whole bag scene that brought it to it's stage of decline. Today, such bags have been quite a tiresome item for the trend followers, but still, for some it continues to be both functional and hip-- Joshua seems to agree.
         It the trend cycle, yes, it may be on it's way down. But, more that all those playful prints and patterns is it's purpose to function as a carry-all bag. So, why not use them right? Other ways to use such bags is to use it as accent when wearing a more neutrally-toned casual wardrobe, or when sporting a hip-hop inspired look. Backpacks remain as functional pieces and may be used when traveling, on the beach, for sports, work or school.


-Nicole Aquino & Danika Navarro

HIS Vest and HER Jumpsuit

This stylish guy we spotted at Zara in Greenbelt is wearing a black vest over an orange fitted shirt, an acid wash skinny jeans, black leather boots, and he accessorized his trendy outfit with a black fedora and a simple chain necklace. 

My partner and I decided to blog about his vest because this fashion item is on the peak phase of the trend cycle chart. It is very in right now because people can wear it for their casual and/or formal wear. Like this guy we saw, he paired it with his casual clothes, but if he changes his simple shirt into long sleeve button down polo and his jeans into slacks, he’ll be in formal attire right away! It’s very easy to mix and match with other fashion items that’s why it is a big hit among fashionable consumers.

The trickle-down theory applies to the vest since based on our research “an English King, Charles II, introduced the vest or waistcoat in England though Royal Proclamation on October 7, 1666. Promoted personally by the king, it was soon popular with everyone. The vest was based on a style brought back to England by visitors to the Pesian court of Shah Abbas. That model had sleeves and was longer than the coat worn over it. The vest evolved shorter to above the knee, then to mid-thigh, to the top of the thigh, and finally by 1790 to the waistline. It became sleeveless around the 1750’s.” (www.askandyaboutclothes.com)

If my partner and I were stylists, we would use the vest like how it was used in the picture you see below, match it with a slinky black leather jacket, because it’s sexier and more masculine.

We spotted this simple mom at Starbucks in Greenbelt strolling around with her daughter, she’s wearing a gray jumpsuit with circular prints and a pair of metallic silver ballet flats.

We chose the jumpsuit as our fashion item since it is on the peak phase of the trend cycle chart. It is very popular nowadays because it is comfortable to wear yet very stylish. The look can also be figure-flattering if worn properly.

The trickle-up theory applies to the jumpsuit because based on our research it started as a workwear uniform. “By the mid-to-late 1960s, pants and jumpsuits generally became accepted as fashionable dress for women. In 1968, the first images of astronauts walking on the moon in one-piece space suits created a fashion for the style in shiny, space-age fabrics. The adoption of the jumpsuit by performers such as Elvis and David Bowie as “Ziggy Stardust” gave the style high visibility in the 1970s.” (www.viewonfashion.com)

If we were a stylist, we will pick a pair of sky high heels and statement accessories to complement the silhouette of the jumpsuit.

By: Mary Anne Cruz and Cassandra Hipolito

cropped and slashed


Crop Tops are at the peak of popularity, and it looks like they are here to stay based on the NYFW 2011 Spring collection! (http://www.stylelist.com)

This 90's revival is also seen in menswear, based on Calvin Klein's 2011 spring collection in Milan.

Stores such as TopShop and Zara have been holding a variety of the Crop Top since it came back in style in '09 and it has most definitely become a trend to stay especially in the recent heat wave. This style is daring, with the hemline usually resting above the belly button or at times even higher. 

 Not everyone has what it takes to follow this trend, and one of the hottest young women in Metro Manila, Bench Body's newest model, is one of those sexy femmes who can most definitely pull it off.

Spotted at Izakaya, Greenbelt 3 is the sexy Lovi Poe wearing a cropped tee from Guess, and Jeans from Freego that she deconstructed herself. 

It isn't known by many that Crop Tops were originally used as athletic attire, specifically cropped American football jerseys in hot weather in the 1980's, and have since then trickled up from functional athletic gear into a trend adopted by designers such as Alexander Wang, to accentuate a woman's (slim) mid-figure. Needless to say, crop tops have been in and out of fashion for years now, having international artists in the late 90's make it popular once again after the crop top took a fashion hiatus in the early part of the 90's. Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are among the said artists.

Not afraid to show some skin, Lovi pairs the top with jeans that she deconstructed herself for an "unfinished" look. “Deconstructionism” as FIDM calls is also at the peak of popularity (http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2010/02/deconstruction-in-fashion.html), and is described as an antithesis to flawlessly constructed garments.

Crop Tops can be styled in numerous ways, but my personal favorite is a printed crop top with a fierce high waisted skirt for a night out in town. Other popular ways of styling the crop top is pairing it with high waisted pants or shorts.

With the long-staying power of the crop top, it looks like pilates and different styles of yoga are here to stay in 2011! Stay fit, ladies!

Rocky de Castro

The Visual Illusion Dress

Visual illusion color block garments are always an assurance for women to get an instant shape without all the fuss of sweating it all out in the gym. In Greenbelt 5 we found this lady, Chin, wearing a classic black and pink color block mini dress paired with a beige colored cardigan, a Gucci bag and peep toe pumps.

This type of dress is a recurring look for Herve Leger through out their collections and it was also most popular with Alexander McQueen’s resort 2009 and 2010 collections. This style is made famous by a number of high end designers that then trickle down to lower end brands. Locally, Ivarluski Aseron has been known to whip out some of these silhouettes for clients. This trend would still be in the early majority as you can see more of it in the local market but the stores are still not cluttered with this look.

Her dress is great design that can go from day to night. She is wearing the day part and she can accessorize it with dark stockings and platform heels for night.

-Dan Ryan Duran & Tabitha Mungai-Pladet

The Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Denim is a perpetually recurring trend since the Malboro man and miners wore them for the first time. In an afternoon looking for someone trendy around Greenbelt 5, we caught this guy, Alex, who wore a leather cap with horn studs, dark knee length shorts, vintage khaki nike shoes, a gold watch, a fringe hobo and a sleeveless denim top with mock sleeves tied up in the waist. He was someone that was definitely hip with the addition of an interesting tattoo on one arm.

We must say that we love the look especially the cropped denim shirt. Currently, in the Spring 2011 shows, Dries Van Noten has shown denim, possibly for the first time in his years doing fashion shows. His men’s wear collection also featured denim in another style, snow bleached. Richard Chai, a recent CFDA Swarovsky awardee also showed a similar silhouette (although not entirely denim) for his current collection.  And back in 2009, Gaultier even became creative with button down tube tops for men stemming from the sleeveless shirts.

This trend probably belongs to the increase in population stage in the local market with people wearing it more and more (but relatively still being fresh in the runways). Entirely, there are a lot of brands dedicated to denim so this look is can be recurring for them. Acknowledging its popularity, it came about with the masses wearing it first, historically, with the miners , then stylized by the designers who now sell them as much as $200.

Another way to use this item is with long sleeve chinos underneath, probably with cool denim jeans or a casual pair of twill pants, a pair of dock martens, and aviators for a chic relaxed look.

-Dan Ryan Duran & Tabitha Mungai-Pladet

The Corporate And The Casual

Atina Aquino
It’s nice to know that corporate attire could be comfortable on casual days. As for Atina Aquino’s case, she was wearing a beige Zara blazer, white basic top, black tailored slacks, a sturdy leather belt and a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats.
In 1837 the Commander of the frigate H. M. S. Blazer was told that England’s young queen, Victoria, would soon inspect his ship.  He took one look at the unsightly condition of his crew’s dress and decreed that they would get new uniforms.  He decided on a short jacket with Brass Royal Navy buttons.  There is a disagreement as to the color of those first Blazers.  In one account the jackets were striped navy and white, but another reports solid navy serge.   In either case, Victoria was so favorably impressed she required all the Queen’s sailors to be in similar uniform.
Another historical tale (opposed to the seafaring one) recounts that the oarsmen of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, St. John’s College at Cambridge University, first wore the Blazer.  The red striped sport coats on the crew seem to be “ablaze” on the water.
 And even another derivation may be from the 19th Century British nobility’s practice of “emblazoning” their jackets with family, school and clubs coats of arms.

The theory that would be most suitable for Atina’s wear would be Trickle-Down theory since people take corporate attire seriously. Since Atina is one of the fashionable people who take work seriously and love what they wear at the same time, she manages to balance her work with the trend.
If I were a stylist and could re-vamp Atina’s outfit to the same corporate but relaxed look, I would have to use the same blazer, wear a high waist skirt that’s maybe on a brown shade to make a different look but still according to her lifestyle. 

Marc Agam

On the casual side, boat shoes are definitely a sure eye catcher, especially for men.

Boat shoes, also known as topsiders or deck shoes, were invented in the 30s by Paul Sperry. They are typically canvass or leather with soles made out of rubber to help sailors maintain their balance and poise on their boats. They were commonly used for sailing up until the 80s when they became a fashion trend mainly in the US and the UK.

Although the prepsters might say that they never went out of style, it has made a strong comeback in the year 2010 with a trendier approach.

I think boat shoes is at its Peak. It can be seen everywhere and on anyone just like Marc Agam. It can be worn casually and formally given that they're now more stylish than ever. I also think that they belong to the Trickle Down Theory for they came out with a high target market because of their prices which then gradually moved down to the lower social levels.

I would definitely sport this trend and mix it up with either rolled-up skinny jeans or cuffed shorts for a more modern and trendy look.

By Anna Coronel and Florian Trinidad


We Spy..

We caught Sheila Tiu and her sister while exiting Zara. Just when we were about to lose hope! Dressed in a white loose button down polo, denim shorts, carrying a red Chanel GST purse and to top off the look, eye catching leopard printed oxford lace-ups from Forever 21, Shelia looked effortlessly chic. Her cute oxfords totally stood out amidst the simplicity of her look. It applies to the Trickle-Up Theory while hitting it's peak on the Trend Cycle Chart
Not many of you may know but Oxford shoes were called Wingtips and were worn by men back in the 1920's. A common characteristic of Oxfords are the shoelace eyelet tabs. They're stitched underneath the vamp which was referred to as "closed lacing." Back then, these shoes were made of leather. No prints and were worn during formal occasions. But time's have changed and nowadays they come in different colors and prints, and girls can now wear them too! Which makes us think.. If we were stylists, we'd totally mix those shoes up with a cute LBD (little black dress), a spunky leather or denim vest, layered gold necklaces, bracelets and rings and finish it off with a small black bag to dress up the already casual look. Throw on some aviators and fingerless gloves to give it more of a edgier/rocker kind of look.
Now time to talk about the guy we (or should I say, Guia) found. Since we didn't get to find a guy on the day itself,  Guia made sure we found one by going to another mall. And thank god she found someone! Meet, Kim Tai Gon. Dressed in a pair of black wayfarers, graphic tee from Zara and jeans from Korea. Apparently he didn't remember where he got his fedora. Well, where ever he got it, it sure dressed up and topped off his very laid back ensemble. His black wayfarers caught Guias attention. A simple pair of black frames totally made his look much more interesting. It applies to the Trickle-Up Theory and it lands on the on the peak of the Trend Cycle Chart. Again, speaking of this made us think yet again.. If we were stylists, we'd add these frames to give a "kick" to any basic everyday look. Like a plain v-neck, a colored cardigan, skinnies, a pair of plimsolls, and top it off with a fedora or a beanie if you're going all out on the whole laid back look. VOILA!
 You have seen them all over so now let's talk a bit about these classic frames. They were really popular back in the 50s and 60s (as seen on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's). Although, sales fell very bad in the 70s. Yet, there was a comeback due to movies like Risky Business and Blues Brothers and shows like Miami Vice (80s). the comeback was short-lived though. BUT! The real comeback was mid 2000s (2006-2007 seen on some celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Megan Fox and famous stylist Brad Goreski, 2008 very big in London, 2009 big everywhere).
Till the next post!! xo

(Get to know more about your trend spotters by hovering over the links! xx) 
Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_shoe; Getty Images)

The Classic Lace and Leather

Two of this season’s fashion trends that are most versatile and are to last you many years are laces and leathers. These two materials are timeless. I remember my mother bought me a knee length white lace skirt when I was in high-school, that was 10 years ago, and I still have it in my closet though its minis on me already. The leather jacket the guy’s wearing he said was found from his dad’s pile of old clothes.

In the 17th and 18th century, lace was a sign of prestige and wealth. It was among the most valued possessions and only rich patrons could have. Leather, on the other hand, is very durable and versatile material making warm feeling in the winter and cool in the summer. Heavy leather shirts were then used by Roman soldiers as protective armours.

Today, lace design clothes and leathers are very much available and can be worn in different occasions.

For the black mini lacey skirt, you may match it with brightly colored opaques and cover up with black blazer to have a corporate look. Take off the blazer and now you’re ready for a date or tea time with bestfriend. If you’re in party mood, pair it with sexy black-ish top and complete the look with a black peep-toe heel. As lace provides the main fabrics of an outfit rather just edging or fringing, be careful not to kill the look with fussy accessories, just wear sleek shoes and plain purses.

For the leather jacket, pair it with a simple or even just plain colored shirt, a sneaker or a leather shoe to match. Comfortable denim pants would be the best. Choose an oversized sunglass, studded belt or chains to express a cool/rockstar look.

If you already have a lace dress hanging in your wardrobe, you can create an up-to-the-minute look by throwing on one of this season’s trendy biker jackets. See that lace and leather can even just go well together!

By:  Caroline Patricio &  Kaycee Atos

Monday, October 11, 2010

The power of a leather knee cap jeans and Beauty of minimal styling

The power of a leather knee cap jeans
This man i met in green belt is on the rise position of fashion cycle stage.
He is wearing a tight jean and a high-cut, laced boots which are already worn by most fashionable men
but he made it more trendy by adding a leather fabric on the knee.
The fashion leadership theory applies to it is the trickle-up theory.
Leather pants are usually worn by bikers and riders. This type of fabric is very common to them but
the designer used this leather fabric and combine to a denim pants
to look more fashionable, trendy and can be worn in everyday.
I like the design and combination of pants and leather but
if i were the stylist i would extend my designs and make a new one out of the same material.
The leather knee cap jean is very sporty and manly but other guys want a rather formal jean.
i would put the leather on the sides, or the pockets or the hem line. So men would have choices
This designe: the leather on the side can be worn by not-so-sporty men.

                                                              Beauty of minimal styling
This lady i met is on the peak position of fashion cycle.
because the hip-length cardigan, short pants,
and long- stringed shoulder bag are already trendy items among fashionable women.
The fashion leadership theory applies to it is the tickle-across theory.
I think fashion is always about balance. This girl is wearing a long cardigan metched-up
with a short pants combined with a long stringed shoulder bags.
This style is very common among women but this model made it fashionable
by matching right color combinations and minimal styling.
this type of fashion is easily spread out because it is very simple and use only basic.
If i were the stylist, i want to change the girlish type of shoes into men's flat shoes.
because filipinas prefer wearing a rounded flat shoes which looks too ordinary.
I want to try a men's flat shoes or boots that will look trendier on them.
Wearing these type of shoes would not limit them on styling
and would be a really good match on shorts and cardigans like most people in another country.